You're Making 3 Coffee Brewing Mistakes Right Now!

مايو 26, 2022 2 min read

Making mistakes is an inevitable aspect of the coffee brewing process. They're made by all of us! When we're brewing, even your friends at BeanBurds make mistakes!  Today, we're going to look at three coffee-making errors you might be doing right now!

1. Using Pre-Ground Coffee

We understand that freshly grinding your beans can be a hassle. It is more cost effective to avoid having to maintain a coffee grinder at home. Plus, with the convenience of roasters grinding for you, you may feel like you don't have to! However, the most critical part of getting the best flavors from your coffee is freshly grinding your beans.

Coffee that has been freshly ground brings out all of the scents and flavors that you like in your cup. When you grind your coffee in batches, the flavor starts to fade faster. It's also not that difficult to do a fresh grind. You can upgrade your morning cup with inexpensive solutions like the Baratza Encore and a little extra work.

2. Using Water That Isn't Optimal

It should go without saying that the water you use to brew your coffee is nearly as crucial as the coffee itself. As a result, you must pay great attention to your water! Of course, temperature is important, but so is the mineral content of the water. The metallic taste of high mineral water can impact the flavour of your coffee. It may also necessitate more frequent descaling of your equipment. For these reasons, we recommend filtered water, which can be obtained via a filtered tap, a pitcher, or an in-machine filter.

3. Failure in Accurate Measuring

One of the most common mistakes we see people make is not properly measuring their brew. It's tempting to eyeball your pour over or guess with your drip brewing scoops, but this can have a significant impact on the quality of your coffee. To obtain the ideal cup, you'll need to use the right brew ratio, so be careful how you measure!

To get the best results, we recommend measuring by weight. Yes, scoops for ground and markings on containers for liquid can be used, but weight is more accurate. You may also calibrate your grinder to grind just enough if it has a timer if you properly weigh your beans. If it still doesn't work, try single-dosing your beans, which means only putting as much as you need in the hopper. This manner, you may save coffee waste while also ensuring a better-tasting brew!

We hope these pointers help you improve your coffee skills!

Happy Brewing!

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