Burundi Gisha Natural


Flavor Notes  Blueberry, Citrus Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet
Variety  Red Bourbon
Process  Natural
Brewing Recommendations  Espresso, Hot - Cold Drinks & Filter Coffee
Growth Altitude  1,600 + metres above sea level
Bean Origin  Burundi
Roast Level Omni

This lot is named Gatare after the hill on which smallholders farmed the cherry for this lot. It boasts a full body that bursts with tropical fruits like mango, lychee and papaya. 

The area of Gisha, from which the station takes its name, was named by King Bigayimpunzi and is considered the headquarters of Tangara commune’s jurisdiction. 

The average cherry buying price for Bugestal in 2019 was significantly above average. Washing stations make the first payment to farmers between 15-30 June. The second payment comes later in the summer. If the coffee wins a competition or sells for extremely high specialty prices, Bugestal gives another payment approximately a year after the harvest season.