Mexico Zaju Aged Barrel


Flavor Notes Brown Sugar, Boozy, Whisky, Cherry, molasses
Variety   Marsellesa & Hybrids (H16 and H18)
Process  Fully washed & dried in guardiolas
Brewing Recommendations  Espresso, Hot - Cold Drinks & Filter Coffee
Growth Altitude 900 - 1,400 M.A.S.L
Bean Origin  Chiapas, Finca Guadelupe Zaju
Roast Level Omni

About This Coffee:

Guadalupe Zaju Barrel Aged - Mexico

The secret to this exceptional and very special lot is wood. Usually this is NOT the ‘secret ingredient’ you are looking for in a specialty coffee, but when you are talking about wooden barrels, you are into a whole new category of excellence. This nano lot of Guadalupe Zaju has been barrel aged in whisky barrels re-purposed from the Brown Forman Group, whose famous bourbon brands include Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack and Woodford Reserve. The coffee is aged, in parchment, in these barrels for three weeks, and the result is a complex, boozy and deeply satisfying brew.

The team at Guadalupe Zaju came up with this innovative concept in seeking to develop a new product that would emphasise the complex and intrinsic characteristics of the coffee bean itself. Barrel Aging as a process is a relatively quick method of enhancing the flavour profile of the coffee without damaging the bean structure and with minimal risk to negative characteristics.