5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Cold Brew

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Cold Brew

Sipping hot coffee can sometimes be too much for a humid, summer morning. French in its origin, cold brew came to sort out the issue. With caramel, chocolate, or just by itself, cold brew is inevitably getting more popular among coffee lovers.. A coffee lover you are? You know how tasty a good cold brew can be, but did you know that it serves your body well, too?  So why cold brew? 

  1. Better for sensitive stomach:

Do you get gassy or get heartburns after drinking coffee? Then cold brew is about to be your best bud. The process of brewing a cold brew draws out less acid than other brewing methods where the coffee is heated. Less acids in coffee reduces the potential of getting acid reflux or any gastrointestinal upsets and stomach reactions.  

  1. Smooth flavour:

The extraction process of cold brew takes a lot more time than regular brewing methods. This results in more floral flavour profiles reducing bitterness in the coffee. The result is a creamier mouthfeel and sweeter, smoother flavour to enjoy.

  1. Store for longer:

Hot brewed coffee loses quality, flavor and aroma as time passes due to chemical reactions and is hence to be consumed soon after brewing. When it comes to cold brew, oxidation of coffee oils, acids and aromas happen at a much slower rate. You can store cold brew for more than 15 days and it will still be as enjoyable as ever with the flavours and aromas intact.

  1. More caffeine:

If you are looking for a strong kickstart to your morning or want an energy boost to fight your midday slump, then make sure to choose a cold brew over an iced coffee. That’s because a cold brew has almost twice the amount of caffeine packed in it than a typical iced coffee that’s diluted and watered down.

  1. More antioxidants:

Antioxidants are a cell savior and coffee is rich in antioxidants – one of its main health benefits. Compared to a hot brewed coffee, a cold brew is a much more powerful antioxidant. This is because high temperature brewing methods destroy antioxidants in coffee to some extent. Higher the temperature, less the antioxidants. Hence a cold brew preserves a much higher ratio of antioxidants as it is brewed in cold water.

Ready to fall in love? 

Refreshing, smooth, and cold, you might consider introducing cold brew to your daily routine. Designed to add a majestic flavor into your life, cold brew offers a number of health benefits. So, instead of hurting your body with sugar syrups, a cup of cold brew might be your healthy alternative to stimulate your taste buds and still enjoy a sweeter, less acidic cup of coffee. Chocolatey, fruity or with a touch of cinnamon, a world of subtle flavors is definitely waiting for you. Check out our ready-to-drink cold brew collection here.

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