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Buying The Best Beans

When you love coffee as much as we do, you're always on the hunt for the best version of it. We've already covered things you can do to make a better cup of coffee, but it might be worth exploring how you buy the best coffee beans. Definitely explore all the different beans you can, afterall, that's what BeanBurds is all about. But it helps to know what you're looking at.

At BeanBurds, we recommend buying bags of whole beans, but if you prefer pre-ground, you're more than welcome to buy them. We even have the option to buy pre-ground beans on some of our selection. The key word here is bags though. What you don't want to do is buy open air beans (you know, the types in barrels that are left open to the air, UV rays, kids getting handsy - best avoid all of these when going for the right beans).

Another, very important, belief of ours is that you should always try and buy local. Local roasters push to create a truly unique and enjoyable experience in their beans and you're depriving yourself of that if you go elsewhere. They also tend to give you all the extra details you want while making your decision about which beans to buy.

Key information roasters provide; 

  • Bean Origin
  • Bean Type
  • Roast Level
  • Roast Date
  • Growth Altitude
  • Flavour Notes

While it's always good to make sure you're buying the coffee beans that hit the right flavour notes for you, they key item on the list is the Roast Date. At BeanBurds, we're constantly working with the roasters to get our customers the freshest roasts possible. What you want in your beans is as recent a roasting date as possible to ensure you haven't lost too much flavour from your beans.

To try and preserve your beans, you might be tempted to freeze them but definitely do not do that. The lower temperatures can effect the oils and fibers in the coffee bean that give it its fullness and flavour.

You've probably seen it a dozen times on this site already but it all comes down to freshness. The best way to buy beans is to not buy too many at once. Just keep buying as you need them!


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