Cap and Frappe Get Things Going

May 30, 2020 2 min read

Hey guys! As you may know, we've been live for a few weeks now and things are going pretty great! I've finally gotten a little time to breathe so I thought I'd take the time to help you better understand what's going on at BeanBurds. 

My favourite coffee has, for the longest time, been a caramel frappe. It's great any time of the year (I don't care if it's freezing outside, I can always justify getting a frappe or an iced coffee). I guess the big thing for me was that a caramel frappe took the edge off of coffee. It made it palatable for me, someone who had only really experienced 'pedestrian coffee', in the same way that adding milk and sugar makes coffee more accessible for a lot of the world.

Then I started trying to get healthier and started intermittent fasting which allows you to drink black coffee (yeesh!) during the day to help keep up your energy and lessen the feelings of hunger. Now, as someone who'd only ever really enjoyed heavily sweetened coffee, I'm sure many of you can appreciate that I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of black coffee, but I had a goal in mind so I bit the bullet and dove into the world of instant black coffee (or black coffee from the office coffee machine). I'd even put a bunch of ice into the mug to cool it down and dilute the taste so I could just drink in a couple of gulps. On a good day, this tactic was 'fine' as I'd be done with the coffee in a few seconds flat but, on a bad day, the coffee basically tasted like ash. So when my diet inevitably began to fall apart, I went right back to my beloved caramel frappes!

Now this is where Cap comes in (short for Cappuccino). He's a friend of mine from school (we were both 13 when we met) and I've known him for over half my life. Cap really opened my eyes to world and wonders of coffee because, one day, we were talking and I recounted my story of the coffee tasting like ash. He gave me a funny look and told me that you can't expect instant coffee or a coffee machine where the beans are stored for so long to taste good and that real coffee has to be ground and brewed fresh. That the flavour of every coffee isn't the same and a lot of it really depends on where the beans come from and how they're roasted.

Cappuccino made me realise that there's an entire world out there to enjoy and explore. He's going to help guide me through it with everything he knows and, in turn, I want to pass on what I'm learning and share the experiences as best I can. I'll be updating this blog and our Instagram (@beanburds) constantly so you can be part of the journey too!

That's all for now but there's lots to come.


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