10 Reasons Why The FELLOW Ode Brew Grinder Is Worth The Hype

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10 Reasons Why The FELLOW Ode Brew Grinder Is Worth The Hype

A home grinder that claims to be quiet, precise, easy to clean, and capable of café grinding at home - The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder was the most anticipated grinder in recent times. Did it live up to the expectation? Yes, says the “Specialty Coffee Association New Product Award”that it bagged this year. There’s a lot to love about this aesthetically pleasing high functioning equipment. We have listed 10 of our favourite reasons below:

1. Quiet Grinding
Does your morning brewing wake up the whole house?  Ode is designed with quietness and calm in mind - exactly what you deserve during your morning brewing experience. Fellow solves the noise problem by using high-quality materials to ditch the noisy gearbox.

2. Perfect Grinding Made Easy
The grind size, quality and its consistency is one of the most important and difficult parts of brewing a great cup of coffee at home. With its café-sized flat burrs and easy grind adjustment with 11 settings and 31 steps in between, Ode makes it a cake walk for even coffee beginners. Simply follow the guide on the grinder and choose the setting as per your brewing method for the right grind. As easy as that.

Fellow ode brew grinder guide
3. Consistency:
Ode uses a smart speed PID feedback-controlled motor that exposes every bean to the same force and speed for consistent grind quality.

4. Single Dose Loading
Freshly roasted, freshly ground beans is the easiest way to brewing better coffee. Ode lets you grind only what you need right before you brew. Unlike the space-hogging hoppers in traditional grinders, Ode’s single dose loading feature reduces your beans’ exposure to staleness-inducing oxygen to give you freshly ground coffee all the time. 

Fellow ode brew grinder single dose

Simply leave the grinder on and get on with your tasks because Ode knows exactly when the last bean has been ground and automatically shuts itself off. No more awful revving noise or grinder spinning on empty.

6. Magnetically Aligned Catch:
The “catch” or the container that comes with the grinder to catch the grounds is magnetically aligned on the grinder to ensure it doesn’t topple off or create a mess during and after grinding. Have active, curious kids at home? this one’s specifically for you!

Fellow ode brew grinder magnetically aligned catch

7. Efficient Grinding
The professional-grade 64 mm stainless steel flat burrs reduce grind time and heat generation while increasing the grind particle consistency.

8. Grind Knocker:
Simply press the grind knocker on the side after grinding and thawp! A high-force spring inside knocks any extra grinds and chaff into the catch making sure there is less grind retention, no mess and your grinder is clean for the next brew.

Fellow ode brew grinder grind knocker

9. Aesthetic Design:
As always, FELLOW has again nailed it with the design. It is aesthetically pleasing, sleek, beautiful and is very compact making it the perfect home grinder.

10. Easy Pour Fins:

The easy pour fins inside the “catch” or the container that comes with the grinder is testament to the fact that the FELLOW team has given attention to every minute detail and designed the product for it to be a convenient home grinding experience. The easy pour fins is the last leg in making sure you are not wasting any grounds or making a mess while transferring the grinds.

Fellow ode grinder easy pour fins

It's not only a great home grinder but its footprint is small too, and is a bedazzling functional piece of art. The minute details and
a stacked variety of carefully engineered features definitely sets Ode apart from the pack and makes it one of our favourite home grinders. Shop FELLOW products here. 

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