Gifting Guide For 4 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

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Gifting Guide For 4 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

Want to gift a coffee-loving friend something special, practical and useful but not sure what to get? We’re here to help. Get in the head of your gift recipient first. What kind of coffee enthusiast are you shopping for? Select from the below 4 types and scroll over for gift suggestions to fill your cart.

Are you purchasing a gift for…

  • A Coffee Newbie?
  • A Caffeinated Camper?
  • A Sophisticated Sipper?
  • An Ultimate Coffee Nerd?

The Coffee Newbie is—as the name suggests—brand new to the coffee scene. A coffee newbie may own a small collection of brewing tools or may be still looking for a push to get started, but they sure have a long way to go on understanding their taste and preferences, learning the tips and tricks of the art of brewing and setting up their coffee bar. Have no fear, our starter packs are here!

Gifting guide for coffee newbies

1. Coffee Discovery Box Subscription
The gift that keeps on giving. The coffee discovery box subscription is the ultimate gift for any coffee loving buddy, especially a coffee newbie. From a wide range of freshly specialty coffee beans, the head roasters select the best beans compatible with the recipient’s taste and preference, grinded for their brewing method, so your buddy can try different coffees each month, and find what varieties and origins they love the most. Shop a coffee subscription plan here. 

2. Chemex
This classic carafe makes a clean cup of coffee with far less sediment than any other brewing method. And not only is the Chemex surprisingly easy to use, but it's also easy on the eyes, making it the perfectcoffee gift and addition to any kitchen. Shop Chemex here.

3. Coffee Scale & Timer
It's pretty common for coffee newbies to get overwhelmed with controlling all aspects of brewing coffee when starting from scratch. Swapping the coffee scoop for a coffee scale is a great way to make brewing a lot more easier & predictable and to get the right ratios every time. Shop coffee scales with timer here.

For the Caffeinated Camper, coffee never tasted better than when consumed in the middle of nature. With a fresh perspective from walking in the mountains, or camping late at night with fellow campers in the desert, a good cup of freshly brewed coffee is the highlight of the camping experience.


1. Manual Coffee Grinder
Fresh grounds just taste better, especially when campers put in manual labor for the flawless finish. Shop manual coffee grinders here.

2. Travel Mug
Leave heavy campfire mugs behind for the Carter Everywhere Mug, a travel container known for its aromatic wide mouth, drinkable thin lip, and True Taste ceramic coating. Shop Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug here.

3. Drip Bag Box
No grinding, no fancy equipment or machines required, drip bags / instant pour over packs is the most convenient hack to brew a cup of specialty coffee when on the go. Shop drip bags here.

4. Cold Brew:
Whether a caffeine headache is coming on fast or the manual grinder was out of commission, a top ranked cold brew is the perfect way to start mornings in the desert or mountains. Shop cold brew here.

The Sophisticated Sipper cares about the aesthetics of their coffee corner as much as the quality of their coffee. They appreciate the element of sight as much as taste. They really appreciate design elements unnoticed by the average drinker. They are trendsetters in life, while brewing coffee and otherwise.


1. A Sleek Kettle

Elevate any countertop with the hottest precision pourer on the market, complete with a minimalist base and packed with great features. Shop the Fellow Stagg EKG here.

2. Fancy Drink-ware
Sold as a pair, the Fellow Junior set is ideal for one-on-one coffee dates or for comparing multiple roasts side-by-side and a great addition to the coffee bar. Shop Fellow Junior set of mugs here.

3. Stylish & Powerful Grinder
Excite the most conscientious home brewer with Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, boasting a single dose loading bin, super precise particle size and many deliberate details with the most pleasing aesthetic design and look that you will find in a home grinder. Shop Fellow Ode Brew Grinder here.

The Ultimate Coffee Nerd is meticulous about every step in the brewing process. They test each roast with multiple techniques, adjusting all the variables until tasting notes shine. They grind their beans just before brewing, set a timer for the perfect extraction, and hypothesise the nuances of each cup.

coffee gifts
1. Vacuum Canister
A good bag of beans deserves a good home. The powerful Atmos Vacuum Canister sucks air out to prevent oxidation and extends coffee's shelf life up to 50%. Shop Atmos Vacuum Canister here. 

2. Pins
Quirky pins for the coffee ultimate coffee nerds who love boasting about their love for coffee. Shop Department of Brewology Pins here.

3. Milk Pitcher
An essential tool for every barista and latte art lover. The Barista Space Milk Pitchers is the go-to tool for top baristas at international level latte art championships. Among its advantages, you can name a profiled spout, light weight, and comfortable handle.Shop Barista Space Milk Pitchers here.

4. Cup Of Excellence Coffee Beans
Cup of Excellence is the premier specialty coffee competition that discovers amazing coffees and rewards the farmers. Your ultimate coffee nerd buddy is for sure going to go gaga over a pack of cup of excellence coffee beans. Shop freshly roasted specialty coffee beans here.

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