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Give Your Workout That Extra Boost

All of us at BeanBurds love to workout (or at least make it look like we do!) and some of us have even tried different pre-workouts and supplements. In the end, though, nature always does it best. Of course, nothing is free from side-effects and conditions, so it's always best to check with your doctor and ensure you don't end up having too much caffeine in the day. 

As any gym enthusiast can confirm, there's two sides to a workout; the physical workout and the mental stress relief you get from just doing something physical without having to think too much. Exercise is a great way to either get you geared up for the day ahead or clear your head at the end of a tough day.

Because coffee helps stimulate your mind, you're more aware of and receptive towards the exercise you'll be doing. Imagine waking up at 5am and having to drag yourself to the gym while still wishing you were in bed. Going against what you really want is a nightmare, right? The caffeine in a mug of coffee can change that by taking away the desire to go back to bed and giving you the focus needed to get your workout started. The same applies on an evening workout as well, giving you the boost to say "No! I won't go home and binge Netflix with all the junk food I want until after my workout!" 

There is also research to suggest that the caffeine you get from an espresso shot or bottle of cold brewed coffee can have two additional physical benefits. The first is that your metabolism gets enough of a boost to get you up to an additional 15% calorie burn in the 3 or 4 hours following your workout. 

The second was that the caffeine also helps you use the energy you have inside you during a workout, helping to push just that little bit extra in your last couple reps.

It's pretty clear that coffee is a great asset to any exercise enthusiast, but it should be mentioned again that anything, even something as great as a good cup of coffee, can be a bad thing if you overdo it.

More than anything, we want our BeanBurdies to be happy, healthy and safe while exploring the world off coffee beans so we'd recommend not adding coffee to your day if you're already drinking a lot, just shuffle the timings a little!

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