Moccamaster KBG vs KBGV Select - A Comprehensive Comparison

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Moccamaster KBG vs KBGV Select - A Comprehensive Comparison


For coffee enthusiasts, choosing the right coffee maker is crucial for that perfect cup. Moccamaster, a well-known brand in the world of coffee makers, offers several models, but the KBG and KBGV Select stand out. In this blog post, we'll dive into the similarities and differences between these two models to help you decide which is best for your coffee needs.


Quality and Durability:
Both models exemplify Moccamaster's commitment to quality. They're built with durable materials and offer a 5-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

Brewing Technology:
Each features a 9-hole showerhead outlet arm and a copper heating element. This technology ensures even water distribution over coffee grounds and maintains the ideal brewing temperature (196°F - 205°F), critical for optimal coffee extraction.

Automatic Shut-Off:
Safety is paramount, and both models include an automatic shut-off feature, providing peace of mind and energy efficiency.


Brew Size Option:
The KBGV Select offers a significant advantage with its selector switch, allowing you to brew either a half or full carafe. The KBG, however, is designed for brewing full carafes only.

Temperature Control:
The KBG model allows temperature control of the hotplate (175°F - 185°F), whereas the KBGV Select offers a fixed temperature, optimized for both half and full carafes.

Colour Options:
Aesthetic choices matter, and the KBG comes in 25 color options, while the KBGV Select offers 19.

Technical Comparison Table


Moccamaster KBG

Moccamaster KBGV Select

Brew Size Option

Full Pot Only

Full Pot or Half Pot

Hot Plate Temp Control

175°F - 185°F

Fixed Temperature

Color Options

25 Choices

19 Choices

Brewing Technology

9-hole showerhead, Copper Element

9-hole showerhead, Copper Element


5 Years

5 Years

Automatic Shut-Off




Available on BeanBurds

Not Available


In choosing between the Moccamaster KBG and KBGV Select, consider your daily coffee consumption and preferred brewing flexibility. The KBG is perfect for those who consistently brew full carafes and enjoy temperature control. On the other hand, the KBGV Select is ideal for users who vary between brewing a full or half carafe, appreciating its adaptability.

Both models maintain the high standards Moccamaster is known for, so your choice will ultimately depend on your specific coffee brewing needs and lifestyle.

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