The Best Advice on Coffee

July 06, 2020 2 min read

Hey guys, this is going to be a short one. Honestly, the most poignant things usually are.

I think at some point or the other, every coffee enthusiast gets hit with a piece of advice which simplifies the game for them. I'd been racking my brain for how best to approach a simple question "Why is specialty better than commercial coffee and how can I say it in the least offensive way?" 

Honestly, I know everyone has their preferences and at BeanBurds, the aim is to educate, not offend. So when it comes to saying one type of coffee is better than another, it's safe to say that someone is going to get offended, regardless of how you phrase the advise or opinion. That was, at least, until I spoke to Maria from Tres Marias yesterday and she gave me the best piece of advice I've gotten since I first tried specialty coffee.

Most of the advice I've received (and given) is to say that you should start with the flavours you like and pick coffee beans from there and explore outward when, in reality, the advice I should have been giving more closely follows the words Maria said to me which were "when it comes to coffee, always go with what you like." 

At face value, this might sound a lot like the advice I've been giving everyone all along, but there is a key distinction here - we aren't talking about coffee flavours. We're talking about coffee in general. Commercial, specialty, iced, hot, somewhere in the middle of it all. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you enjoy what you brew and you brew what you enjoy. So, if I could piggyback off what Maria said and give you all one piece of advice, it would be this;

"When it comes to coffee, always go with what you like, but never be afraid to try something new."

That's all for now.



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