What's The Deal With Coffee?

April 06, 2020 1 min read

When you think of coffee, what comes to mind? It's probably the aroma, the warm comfort of your favourite flavour or the friends you like to share it with. But did you know that coffee comes with a bunch of health benefits as well?

Here's just a few benefits from moderate coffee consumption;

  1. Coffee (decaf or regular) can help avoid metabolic disorders like type-2 diabetes.
  2. It can help reduce the risk of liver cancer and other liver-related diseases.
  3. Reduced risk of heart disease.

So that's the good news. At BeanBurds, we want to make sure everyone is enjoying all the different varieties of coffee on offer in the market, but that doesn't mean we want you drinking too much! Coffee, like all great things, can be harmful if you overdo it.

Explore, discover and enjoy, just remember to do it in moderation!

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