Astoria Storm Standard 2 Group Coffee Machine

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Astoria Storm Standard 2 Group Coffee Machine

Storm is a blend of craftsmanship and high technology. Thanks to Storm, baristas are free to express themselves and explore their capacity for experimentation through simple and comfortable actions.
Storm is research on values that have been lost over time but re-emerged thanks to a new cultural and artisanal approach, which spread rapidly in the world. The coffee dispensed is at the center of every care. Baristas’ gestures the protagonists on stage and have a highly symbolic value. The relationship between those who operate the machine and who savor coffee is revolutionized: the barista who has chosen coffee beans, roasting and brewing with an almost maniacal dedication can offer ritual preparation and storytelling.

Total Control Of The Manual Dispensing:
Storm is a competition machine that guarantees total control of the manual dispensing of mono-origin coffee and, at the same time, is suitable for use according to memorized brewing curves, which can enhance perfume and aromatic notes constantly.
Customizable Noble Materials:
Enhanced by wood accents which can be personalized with different wood types and stains, the Storm coffee machine arouses emotions and was built in tune with the most technologically accurate studies.
Technique You Can Learn, But Real Passion Is The Sum Of Dedication And Pride:
The Barista Attitude anti-scald and cantilevered steam wand offers great safety and easy return movement to the basin, in case of inactivity. Super Dry is the innovative system that keeps the steam dry and with minimum initial condensation, guaranteed by a solenoid valve placed in the discharge. A reduced quantity of humid steam is discharged at 110°C in order to guarantee the presence of dry steam ready for use The new Super Dry system guarantees continuous steam use without decreasing performance, even when two steam wands are used simultaneously.
The Design:
Storm has taken into account the barista’s movement requirements and his/her need to operate the leverages to adjust coffee according to targeted taste and conception. The analog functions that enhance the customized brewing curves are also accompanied by digital storage functions of settings. Storm’s refined design is the result of a cooperation that Astoria has maintained for years with Adriano Design, a Turin based studio, which is one of the most important and renowned design studios in Italy, honored with the most prestigious national and international prizes such as the Compasso d’Oro international award.
Innovation and Practicality:
In Storm, the basin adjustment lets the barista keep the cup at the best level for the beverage being made. Routine cleaning operations are also more fluid and uniform thanks to the rounded shape, whereas washing is facilitated by the vertical extraction of the basin.
Innovation and Practicality:
Adjustable Feet:
Storm is an easy to recognize machine with strong personality, raised on its feet but among the lowest in the category and to be placed on the counter to engender a front-line bartender-client relationship.

Technical Features:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Maximum power absorbed: 5800/6315 W
  • Power per group: 150×2/165×2 W
  • Coffee-water tank resistance power per group: 1000×2/1090×2 W
  • Steam heating unit power: 3000/3270 W
  • Steam heating unit capacity: 8.5/1.87 Lt/ UK gal
  • Water tank capacity: (1.2/0.26)x2 Lt/ UK gal
  • Weight: 85/187 Kg/lb
  • Width: 1035/40.7 mm/in
  • Depth: 618/24.3 mm/in
  • Height: 500/19.7 mm/in


  • 2 Steam wands, 1 mixed hot wateroutlet
  • AWR, 5″” display for each group
  • Led lighting of work space
  • Electronic cup warmer, steam wands
  • Barista Attitude, steam system Superdry
  • Steam Boost(SB), wooden filter-holders, built-in motor pump.

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