Cloth Filters for Coffee Syphon

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Hario Syphon Cloth Filters Clean and Delicious Coffee Brew

The syphon cloth filters are the original Hario replacements that fit into various Hario syphons. The long lasting cloth filters will allow you to enjoy smoother and better coffee. The filter fits onto the metal filter and tighten with strings to be used time and time again. There are five in this pack meaning that you will not need filter replacements any time soon.

Hario Syphon Cloth Filters for TCA-2 TCA-3 TCA-5 and MCA-5 Hario Syphon

The syphon filters are compatible with most of the Hario syphons including the TCA 2, TCA 3, TCA 5, and MCA 5. All you have to do is make sure that you clean the syphon filter and wash the cloth filters thoroughly to avoid bad odour. Also ensure that you place the clean and wet filters into the fridge to reuse them next time.

Hario Syphon Cloth Filters Pack Includes :

  • 5x Hario Cloth filters (FS-103)
  • Cloth Material
  • Reusable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Compatibility TCA 2/TCA 3/TCA 5/MCA 5 Hario Syphons

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