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Home Barista Kit


Home Barista Kit

Our home barista kit has been complied to give you everything you need to create specialty quality coffee at home. Whether a beginner or advanced barista the Piccino PID gives you the accuracy and temperature stability to get the best from your favourite coffee.

Kit includes Fracino Piccino PID espresso Machine & 2 porta filters, Cunill tranquillo tron grinder, knowck out drawer, digital scale, steaming pitcher and thermometer.

The Home Barista Kit has all the essentials for making professional quality coffee at home.

The Piccino PID 
Unbeatable value for a dual boiler espresso machine. Professional quality brass group head and porta filters (58mm). Programmable electronic touch pad for the perfect extraction volume. Independent steam boiler for reliable milk foaming and texturing. The built in water tank has a 3 litre capacity and can be fitted with an optional water filter.

Cunill Tranquillo Tron Grinder
60mm tempered steel grinding blade gives consistent grind size. Programmable dosing allows for single and double espresso to be preprogrammed. The extra functionality of the built in chronograph ensures that you control the perfect extraction every time. Every grinder comes with a 0.5 kg hopper and coffee tamp.

Knock out drawer
Stainless steel construction with knock bar.

Digital Scale
This compact scale is accurate to 0.1gm and includes 2 x AAA batteries.

Steaming pitcher
600ml stainless steel pitcher with handle.

Professional Liquid Thermometer
Temperature range of -10° to 100° Celsius provided with a protective sheath and clip.

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