Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set

Largo Tea Dripper set is a simple and effective way to brew your perfect tea. The set consists of a dripper, which is a vessel for tea brewing, a perfectly matched stand and a glass pitcher.The dripper is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass. Its rounded shape allows for appropriate movement of tea leaves while brewing. The key element is its silicone stand with stainless steel strainer and a button releasing the brew into a vessel below. The set includes a plastic stand and a pitcher for serving tea. The whole set is perfectly designed and all the components are absolutely compatible. This tea brewing method is definitely eye-catching and allows for multiple brewing without the need to move the leaves. The set allows to brew 800m of tea at a time. The method of preparing delicious tea is really simple and yet effective: - place Largo on a teapot - add tea leaves to the glass part of the drip - slowly pour the tea leaves over with hot water - cover Largo with a lid and brew for about 3 minutes (depending on the variety of tea) - press the brew release button and enjoy the taste of your favourite tea.