Kees van der Westen Speedster

The Speedster is the ultimate 1 group espresso machine. The Speedster provides extreme precision & maximum control in a speedy package. The Speedster combines extreme precision with an extraordinary pre-infusion.

Product Features

  • Large steam boiler with total volume of 3.5ltr, water content approx. 2ltr. Standard temperature is set to 135 °C for long lasting steam power.
  • Heat exchanger in steam boiler pre-heats water flowing to the coffee boiler, thus decreasing possible temperature fluctuations in the coffee boiler.
  • Large coffee boiler with volume of 2.1ltr. The high volume has a stabilising effect on the brew temperature.
  • Individual electronic temperature controller for each boiler, displays in full easy view.
  • Intuitive operation by lever. Group lever offers automatic and manual (extended) infusion.


Version Normal hi-lo
Tension 220-240VAC
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
# phases 1
Peak Power 3100 W 2200 W
Peak current/ phase 13.5 A 9.6 A