Panama Geisha Anaerobic Natural


The Best Geisha

The Lamastus family has been producing Geisha varietals at their farm, Elida Estate, in Boquete since 1918. Through three generations, they’ve crafted a farm of astounding beauty, quality and sustainability. Elida Estate’s edges run into a protected rainforest with hundreds of species of rare birds, and the Lamastus family takes pride in their responsibility to care for the amazing ecology that surrounds their farm. As a result, Elida Estate Geisha coffees for sale have consistently been the highest scoring and most expensive coffees in the world. This particular Anaerobic Natural was put through the Lamastus' trademark ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry), increasing the fruit quality of the cup. Expect notes of Berries, Bubblegum, Tropical fruits and florals from this world-class Geisha. Buy Geisha coffee beans from Elida Estate here.

A complex cup profile producing notes of Florals, Chocolates and Deep, Purple Fruits