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Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set

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The perfect set for a pour-over party for one. Bundle it all together and save! Stagg [X] Single Set includes:

1. Stagg [X] Dripper

Whether you™re a coffee expert or novice, Stagg [X] Dripper will help you consistently brew the perfect cup. Use the ratio aid to ensure the right amount of coffee, every time. Take advantage of Stagg˜s vacuum insulated body, steep slope and unique hole pattern to kick your pour-over recipe up a notch. Stagg [X]™s shorter height aligns with the traditional pour-over brewing methods of a continuous slow pour. Brewing with Stagg [X] gives you more control over your water dispersal and extraction.

The Details:

  • 1 cup brew (300ml/10oz)
  • Vacuum insulated for ultimate heat retention during your brew. Stainless steel body, silicone gasket.
  • Steep slope to increase coffee-to-water contact and boost extraction.
  • No clog drainage hole and bumps.
  • Ratio aid measures out 1-2 servings so you always know the right amount of coffee to add. Ratio aid also acts as a drip cup for when you™re done brewing.

2. Stagg Tasting Glass

Blueberry, strawberry, caramel, and nutmeg¦ Ever see these tasting notes on bag of beans, but never understand what they™re talking about? This beauties™ unique shape will help you understand. The flared lip delivers coffee to your entire palate in order to taste the full spectrum of coffee flavors.

The Details:

  • Single to double wall easy to sip single wall. Double wall body to keep your drinks hotter and colder for longer.
  • Handblown and borosilicate the Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass.
  • Flared lip outward flared lip delivers coffee to front of tongue for more flavor.
  • Set comes with one, 10oz Tasting Glass

2. Stagg Paper Filters

Paper filters designed specifically for our drippers™ steep slopes.

  • Pack of 30 filters.
  • Flat bottom design.I

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