5 Things To Do With Old Beans

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We don't usually have any leftover beans going stale but that wasn't always the case. It's quite easy to order or grind a little too much and for the coffee to start going stale, but that doesn't mean you just throw them away. 

Here are a few fun things you can do to with your leftover beans and grind.

1. Repel Bugs 

Even with COVID-19 keeping everyone inside, those lucky enough to have a balcony or a garden are still probably trying to take advantage and use them, only to be stung a dozen time by mosquitos. It's an absolute pain, right? Luckily, just keeping or sprinkling a bowl of coffee grounds around your seating area can help repel bugs as some of the compounds found in coffee are toxic to insects.

2. Get Rid of Bad Smells

Who doesn't love the smell of coffee? Unfortunately, not everything can smell so good. Thankfully, coffee grounds can absorb bad smells and replace them with that refreshing scent we all know and love. You can put some grounds in a bowl for your fridge or in a sock to keep in your gym bag. Really they'd be great anywhere that needs freshening up.

3. Exfoliate

It's important to look after your skin, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to do it. Simply mix in some coffee grounds with water or coconut oil and rub it into your skin. The coarse grounds act as an effective exfoliating agent and the antioxidants packed in the beans can even help protect against sun damage.

4. Decorate!

Here's one we can't wait to try. Fill a vase or wide candle holder half way with old coffee beans and then set the candle on top (works best with glass holders and large candles). You end up with some elegant DIY decor that also displays your personality. It's quick, simple and it looks great!

5. Experiment

The key method of getting better is to try and try again. If you have some stale beans and want to try out some new equipment or a new brewing method, use them to get in the practice rather than wasting your precious, fresh beans. You won't get the best taste but at least you'll have the process figured out before moving onto the real deal.

If you try any of these out, let us know! We'd love to see it. Tag us if you post it in Instagram @beanburds

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