About Us


What We Do


At BeanBurds, we want to share our passion for coffee with the rest of the coffee fans out there. We strive to give them an easy, convenient way to get the flavours they love whenever they want, and to help them try something new along the way.

BeanBurds is the vision of our CEO who has always made time in his day and kept a place in his heart for coffee. But how do you explore the vast world of coffee without a guide? Our Coffee Geniuses are here to help you get to know all the different coffee blends on offer across the UAE and find the types that are perfect for you. We want to open up a world of possibilities and options never before seen in one place in the Middle East and we want you on that journey with us.


At BeanBurds, coffee isn’t just our business; it’s who we are.


Our Story


We love coffee and we know there will always be a new blend or brand to try. All of us at BeanBurds wanted to experience as many of these amazing flavours as possible and would go from roastery to roastery trying out as many as we could.

As much as we love coffee, even we had to admit that it was getting a bit much going to each place! That’s when we started looking for an online store that could let us explore which great beans the UAE had to offer. To our surprise, no one had all the roasters under one roof and that’s where we got the idea for BeanBurds.

BeanBurds was created with the dual intention of firstly, giving the hardworking roasters in the UAE the exposure they deserve as well as a way for coffee lovers like us to have access to the widest possible range of roasted coffee beans in the country.

Not only that, but we also wanted to help the coffeeholics out there to discover new brands and flavours rather than sticking to the one brand they’ve always had. This is where the real genius of BeanBurds came into fruition. By bringing onboard bona fide coffee experts, we are able to guide our customers to flavours and experiences they would never have considered before.

What we want more than anything is to create an adventurous community (or flock of BeanBurdies!) that isn’t scared to explore the plethora of coffee beans at their fingertips. BeanBurds will be growing across the GCC over the coming year and that means growing our flock along the way. Our aim is to bring our passion and commitment to the masses, across the world, and help a new generation of coffeeholics find their flavour.