Introducing FELLOW - Award Winning Coffee Gear Brand

Introducing FELLOW - Award Winning Coffee Gear Brand

Whether you are a coffee expert or a beginner, we believe you should have fun with brewing. We bring to you - FELLOW - the latest brand on BeanBurds, and your new partner in the pursuit of the best coffee experience.

Why choose between aesthetics and functionality when you can have it all! FELLOW was created by nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design. With their award winning products, you can now upgrade & transform your coffee corner to brew ridiculously good coffee!

At their core, FELLOW is always curious about why products are the way they are and how they can make them better. Dreamed up with the spirit of never having to choose between aesthetics and functionality, FELLOW wants to help the coffee aficionados and the brewing beginners alike find the fun in the craft of brewing.

The FELLOW Story

Jake Miller founded FELLOW while pursuing his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2013. FELLOW's first product was a class project for which he launched a Kickstart campaign. After eight months, countless prototypes, and nearly $200K in pre-sales, Jake turned the success of the campaign into the FELLOW brand. Since then, the company has developed an extended portfolio of intuitively-designed coffee and tea brewing products for the coffee aficionados and the coffee curious alike.

Named under "Top 75 People" changing the beverage industry by Imbibe magazine, Jake hopes to make specialty coffee more approachable and help people brew ridiculously good coffee at home through beautifully functional design.

Over the years, they have innovated and evolved within the specialty coffee space without losing sight of the goal to help our customers brew their best cup!

Explore FELLOW Coffee At Home Solutions

All style, all substance! FELLOW designs products for your countertop - not your cupboard - full of thoughtful features you will actually use. From grinders, kettles and pour over sets to brew ridiculously good coffee at home to mugs and drink-ware that will finally be worthy of the coffee inside, FELLOW has the complete coffee solution for the perfect home brewing experience with cafe capabilities. The aesthetically pleasing design and power-packed performance also makes it a great brewing gift for every stage of the coffee journey to your coffee loving friends and family. 

What Makes FELLOW Products So Unique

From your kitchen countertop to café bars to the World Brewers Cup stage, FELLOW products are used every day in a wide variety of environments. With each new addition to the line-up, the mission stays the same—create beautiful design with flawless functionality for the ultimate brewing user experience. Every year, the  
SCA Awards recognise excellence in product innovation, design, and sustainability across the industry. This year Fellow had a strong showing, taking home the title in two categories for Ode Brew Grinder and Carter Move Mug. The Ode Brew Grinder won the Best New Product award and the Carter Mug won the Best Coffee Vessel Design Award. The Stagg EKG Kettle has also won multiple awards like the “Best In Market Award” by NYC Now, Red Dot Design Award, etc. Fellow remains to be the baristas’ favourite gears at World Brewing Championships. 

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