Introducing RoR Coffee Roastery

August 22, 2021 2 min read

“Rate of Rise” is the rate at which the coffee temperature changes while roasting, which is one of the most important factors in the process that influences and manipulates the coffee flavour.

Coffee roasting is an intense process. An endless cycle between the flame and the bean and that’s what our new addition to the BeanBurds roaster family brings with them.

Rate of Rise roastery takes pride in creating exceptional specialty coffee that connects their flaming passion with coffee lovers all around. RoR Coffee Roastery started its journey in Dubai, late 2017 with one mission – to take a global specialty coffee experience to exceptional levels.

ror coffee roastery specialty coffee beansRoR coffee roastery, Dubai

How do you source your beans?

“Our need for perfection made us go to different continents just so we can find the right coffee beans that will fulfil your senses and a daily dose of caffeine. We carefully choose coffee farms whom we trust that will provide sustainability of every single bean throughout the process. A strong relationship with coffee traders who have a modern and innovative approach to fermentation, storing, packaging and shipping, gives us the right to guarantee the exclusiveness of our final product.”

roasting in progress at ror coffee roastery

Coffee roasting in progress at ROR coffee roastery

How are you providing value beyond creating premium quality specialty coffee ?

“At RoR, we aim to create a coffee culture that provides value to all stakeholders in the community -  farmers, traders, roasters, baristas, coffee shops, and coffee lovers. Not only do we source quality beans and roast them to perfection, we also provide other services like barista training, coffee bar setup, coffee shop setup, home brewing training for coffee lovers and sensory skills training to understand and appreciate coffee better.”

coffee cupping at ror coffee roastery dubai Coffee cupping at RoR coffee roastery

Tell us about your range of products

“RoR’s range of products is created with an idea to take you on a journey around the globe through a variety of fragrances, aromas, flavors and tasting notes. We strive to put all of our effort, passion, and energy in a cup, so it can be experienced through a simple sip that will wake up all of your senses. Our Q graders work with us everyday to create masterpieces and extraordinary blends from coffee beans all over the globe. We have a variety of blends that deliver a wide range of flavour notes so you can pick what you like the most. We also create drip bags of our specialty coffee for those who prefer more convenience in brewing. Apart from specialty beans, our range of premium coffee accessories, tools and machines are designed to give you the ultimate coffee experience.”

specialty coffee drip bags by ror coffee roastery dubaiRoR specialty coffee drip bags

At BeanBurds, we only partner with quality roasters who are best at what they do and share our values and principals. We are excited to have RoR coffee roastery on board and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional coffee experience, as always. Check out the all new collection of RoR specialty coffee beans, drip bags and coffee accessories here.

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