The Various Kinds of Grinds

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Caffeine Coffee Bean

As any coffee lover knows, there's several levels of coarseness that you can grind your beans to, and each level is suitable for certain types of coffee. Let's take a look at how you should be grinding for your favourite coffees and brewing methods.


This level of grind is the most chunky and leave the largest granule size. These are best for the French Press or percolator methods of brewing. Also well suited to cold brewing.


Still chunky, but less so, these grinds work great in a Pour Over. You can really use any size of grind for a Pour Over, depending on your experience, but this is a great place to start. 


These grinds are roughly the size of granulated sugar. We would recommend Vacuum or Drip Coffee makers for this level of grind. Because it's a bit "middle of the road" in terms of granule size, you can get away with several other brewing methods, but we wouldn't recommend trying an espresso with these!


Also known as the espresso grind, these are about the size of table salt granules and quite powdery. As the name suggests, these are great for Espresso makers but also work well for Neapolitan Flip-Drips.

Extra Fine/Pulverised

With the consistency of fine flour, this grind is extremely fine and best suited for Turkish coffee. You will, however, need a special grinder for this so probably best not to try this at home unless Turkish coffee is your go-to.

So there you have it - the different types of grinds that you can get and should definitely try out if you're exploring different brewing methods. Enjoy!

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