Fellow - Carter Move Mug 360 Sip Lid 12oz

Carter Move Mug 360° Sip Lid it's an extraordinary insulated mug from Fellow. It is functional and delights the user with its design. Perfect choice for someone who has high demands towards the product. It is made for people who are always in the journey. The cup fits most cup holders.

This mug has a special 360 ° Sip-Lid screw cap, which revolutionizes the use of thermal mugs. Thanks to it, you can enjoy your favorite drink in a way that is reminiscent of the experience of drinking from a classic mug. There is no need to hold the cap with the other hand. Inside, it has a special ceramic coating that does not affect the taste of the drink.

This mug is not leak proof. The built-in "umbrella" prevents accidental splashing of the drink, but does not protect against spilling it.

The most important features:
- Capacity: 355 ml.
- Material: stainless steel, ceramics, plastic.
- Keeps hot for up to 3 hours and cold for 3 hours.
- 100% BPA free.
- Fits V60 Drippers (62mm diameter), not compatible with the AeroPress infuser.
- Fits most cup holders.
- Height: 16.8 cm, diameter: 7.7 cm.
- The cap can be washed in the dishwasher, the cup only by hand.