Moccamaster KBG Select

Fresh Green
Matte Black
Matte Silver
Midnight Blue
Stone Grey
Polished Silver
Metallic Red
Pastel Yellow
Brushed Brass
Pastel Green
Forest Green

The Switch model offers new features:

- Selection switch - brew 10 or 6 cups of coffee. Thanks to that new function we can easily decide if we want whole (1,25l) or half jug (750 ml) of our favourite beverage. While brewing 6 cups the water flow will be slower, but it won't affect its taste or make it any less aromatic!
- Unique 2-phase heating element.
- Intelligent hot plate - It heats the glass carafe during the brew process, and automatically switches to warming mode to keep the coffee at ECBC specified temperatures.
- Renewed outlet arm -For an optimal spread of hot water over the coffee grounds

Key features:

- Coffee brewing temperature: 92 ° - 96 ° C and keeping the temperature of 80 ° - 85 ° C - compliant with the ECBC/ SCAE / SCAA requirements
- Automatic switch-off
- Brewing time: 5 - 6 minutes
- Jug with a capacity of 1.25 liters (approx. 10 cups) - the jug with a lid and an agitator for uniform coffee brewing
- 9-hole showerhead for uniform wetting of coffee beans
- Aluminum housing available in several colours
- Copper boiler with double safety casing
- Automatically adjustable hotplate
- Filter holder with automatically blocked dripping
- Hotplate coated with special enamel.

The coffee machines are made in the Netherlands. The warranty period for each device is as much as 5 years!