Imagine A Complete Retail Experience From Home, But Better - Introducing Augmented Reality 

September 14, 2021 2 min read

Shopping online is quick, convenient and easy. Who wouldn’t want to be at the comfort of their own home, lazing on a couch, browsing through several products and shopping for what they like? The problem - sometimes you aren’t sure if something is the right choice just by looking at pictures. You might think to yourself,“Will the coffee machine fit on my counter? “Will this kettle in matte black match my home décor?”

Problem Solved - Introducing Augmented Reality!

Finding the right machines and equipment in the right color for your coffee bar that suits your home décor has never been easier. Introducing Augmented Reality at BeanBurds – a multi-sensory immersive tool to take the headache away from online shopping.You can now realistically preview coffee machines and equipment in a real-life environment, such as your own kitchen counter with our sophisticated AR technology.In order to bring shoppers closer to our products, we are making use of AR to transform your regular online browse into an immersive visual interactive experience. Offering you the chance to experience shopping like never before, our all-new feature steps into the future, bridging the gap between the real world and the digital space. 

What is the Augmented Reality feature and how does it benefit me?

The groundbreaking technology of Augmented Reality enables you to shop at BeanBurds by envisioning your dreams. It’s an interesting feature that allows you to set up your coffee counter or remodel it with a bit more information than you might’ve had previously.On your device, products will be shown in ultra-realistic 3D, which you can rotate and move around as you wish.You can view virtual versions of a wide range of coffee appliances including espresso machines, kettles, tools, grinders, and morein beautiful ultra-realistic detail, true to scale, with accurate colors and materials, in your home.

Here’s how it benefits you:

-A wide range of products available to try from espresso machines, kettles and more

-Try the various colour selections to understand if it complements your décor.

-Exact measurements allow you to see how the items fit in.

-Enjoy an ultra-realistic Augmented Reality experience that makes online shopping even more exciting. 

Customers have always told us how experiencing the look and feel of products before making a purchase helps. We have bridged that physical world with the digital, along with all the perks of shopping online without having to step out.

Experience the very best products directly in your home or the office with the new Augmented Reality feature at BeanBurds here.

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