Each bag of beans sold is recently roasted, but no two are the same. Each roaster has their own roasting days and times.

Start based on your flavour preferences. For example, if you like chocolate then start with a bean known for these flavours. However, don't be afraid to explore everything else along the way - it's the best way to discover what you really like.

Everyone's palate is different and defines what they do and don't like. Some people have a more sensitive palate and can taste more than others as well. When starting out, take the flavour notes as a guide to what you could taste in the coffee and use it to develop your palate. Even baristas can't taste all the flavour notes every time.

If you don't own any home equipment then a simple, relatively affordable way to start enjoying coffee is either a DIY cold brew coffee kit (as we explain in our How To section) or a French Press. Both are very easy to get into and allow you to experiment a lot without a big investment.

Of course! Just because Burr grinders are considered better it doesn't mean you shouldn't use a blade grinder as a starting point if you already have one. At BeanBurds, we believe exploring the world of coffee should have no barrier to entry as long as you remember there are other methods to try later.

It is advised to use your beans within a week of opening the bag. Coffee beans release gases which give the beans their flavour and aroma, making the beans a little less flavourful over time. 

If you've already ground your beans then it's best to use them within a few hours to ensure you're making the best coffee you can (so only grind as much as you'll need!).

Honestly, there's no perfect place to start. Your best bet is start at a bean that has the flavours you most like and branch out from there. Never say no to the opportunity to try new beans.

Yup! In fact, we encourage it. The best way to find what you like is to cast a wide net and try everything.

While there are certain brewing methods that better suit certain beans, there's no hard and fast rule about what you can and can't do. Follow the brewing recommendations for best results, but you can always make tweaks and try different things if you're looking to experiment.