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Fellow - Shimmy Coffee Sieve

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Fellow Shimmy is simple way to remove microfines for better tasting coffee. If your grinder is a culprit for inconsistent grind sizes, Shimmy Coffee Sieve has arrived to shake things up. This easy tool sifts out all coffee particles under 200 microns for better grind consistency and even extraction during your brew—important elements that noticeably impact flavor.

How does it work? Shimmy consists of a container with a bottom cap, an internal steel filter and a lid. Pour the ground coffee into the filter and put the lid and the  bottom cap on. Shake it for about 30 seconds. Coffee fines will be separated to the bottom of the container, while particles of the right size will remain in the filter.


- Ergonomic, convenient shape.

- A fine etched metal filter sifts out all coffee grind sizes under 200 microns—the particles that affect extraction. Grinds capacity: 80 grams

- Precise pouring lid. Pop open the lid to easily transfer the new-and-improved grinds into your brewing method of choice.

- Materials: Plastic body, lid, and bottom cap, silicone gaskets, and 304 stainless steel filter.

- Cleaning: Body and filter are top-rack dishwasher safe, lid and bottom cap are hand wash only.