Acaia Lunar Base

Product Weight: 52.2 g

Product Dimensions

W: 110 mm L: 110 mm H: 8 mm

Inside the Package
Lunar Base x 1
Lunar Backplane x 1
Screws x 6
Hex Key x 1


The enlarged profile of the Lunar Base shields the scale from heat and moisture in shallow drip trays, and prevents drip tray lips and backsplashes from interfering with the movement of the scale's weighing surface.

The polycarbonate outer base also eases movement of the scale across slotted drip trays, a bonus for workflows that involve frequent repositioning of the Lunar.

* Replacement aluminum inner base
* 4 mm on all sides of the Lunar
* Easy to assemble; includes all necessary hardware and tools
* Designed for heavy or commercial use