Bravilor Bonomat Aurora TWH

Features and Functionality

  • The Aurora Twin brews 10 litres in less than 15 minutes.
  • The spray head brings out the best aromatic flavours.
  • The Aurora brews coffee in three volumes: 2, 3,5 and 5 litres.
  • This unit allows you to brew two sorts of filter coffee in two dispensers, simultaneously, with different water temperatures.
  • RFID cards make it easy to exchange settings between the Aurora units.
  • The Aurora registers day and cumulative counter data.
  • The Aurora meets the high quality SCAE Gold Cup standard for filter coffee.
  • The 2.2 L Airpot Furento fits under the hot water tap.
  • Throughput per hour (230V) 42 L (330 cups)

W/h/d dimensions (mm)


Thermos Dispenser Aurora

2x5.7 L (90 cups)

Brewing Time

15 min (5L)

Hot Water Boiler


Rated Power for 230V ~ 50/60Hz

3000 W