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DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

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The DiFluid R2 Extract is a pro-grade coffee concentration meter. Built to measure the TDS (total dissolved solids), which measures the concentration of coffee particles in your coffee shot. The DiFluid R2 Extract coffee refractometer is a modern upgrade to an old technology.

The R2 Extract has been completely upgraded giving a higher range of TDS, resolution, accuracy, precision, operating temperature and a larger battery life. 

Built with 3 different test modes, standard, multi and stable testing giving you the ability to really know your coffee.


Microcalibration - The microcalibration greatly improves the accuracy and stability caused from external distrubances and physical deformations such as temperature changes or undissolved particles.

2D CMOS Imaging Sensor - Increasing data collection without misalignment and fragility

Dual Temperature Sensors - Utilizing two seperate sensors within R2 Extract achieve incredible precision without external interference.

Nano-Scale Hydrophobic Layer - Providing an extra layer of protection which prevents liquid from sticking to the glass, scratches and a longer life.

Waterproof - R2 Extract is IP67 water resistant, allowing for a simple and easy clean.