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Difluid Microbalance Ti Precision Smart Scale - Black

Difluid Microbalance Ti Precision Smart Scale - Black

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DiFluid Coffee Scale with Timer, Espresso Coffee Scale with Flow Rate Tracking, DiFluid Café APP, 3kg/0.1g High Precision, Tare Function
Brand DiFluid
Color Black
Special Feature Backlit Display, Auto Shut Off, Smart
Weight Limit 3000 Pounds
Read out Accuracy 0.1 Grams


About this item
  • High Precision: Min weight: 0.2g / Max weight: 3000g, resolution: 0g-1000g: 0.1g / 1000g-3000g: 1g.
  • Flow Monitoring: DiFluid Café displays microbalance's data in a clean, an easy to read chart including flow rate, time and weight. Tracking brews is easy with DiFluid digital coffee scale.
  • Auto-Timing: With automatic timing function, the coffee weighing scale makes making and brewing coffee easier and more convenient and easier. Suitable for pour-over coffee, espresso and other scenarios.
  • Multi-functional Design: DiFluid microbalance is designed specifically for brewing coffee, with a series of functions including weighing, timing, calculating, recording and networking.
  • OTA updates: Over-the-air updates with the latest software features Share recipe, data and insights, while you enjoy coffee, share the brew data for others to build from. Help the community improve together.

Technical data:

Model:  DFT-S101
Dimensions (L*W*H) 135mm x 135mm x 26.5mm
Max 3000g
Min 0.2g
Precision 0.1g

0g-1000g: 0.1g


Units g/oz/gr
Operating temperature 5-40C
Charging Port USB Type-C
Charging Specs 5V - 0.5A
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
What's included

Microbalance x1

Heat-Insulating Silicon Mat x1

Charging Cable x1

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