Hario V60 Glass Dripper 02 - Olive Wood

Size: V60-02 Colour: transparent, brown Material: glass, wood

Would you like to get started with alternative methods of coffee brewing, but don't know what to choose? Hario V-60 Dripper is just for you!

 Hario V60-02 allows for one-time brewing of 300 - 500 ml of coffee, which is enough for several portions. This Glass Olive Wood version is equipped with a base of olive wood. Its solid base is 1 cm thick and the hole is encased in a silicone seal.

Furthermore, the dripper is characterized by a very good level of heat keeping. Its conical form and special grooves on the inside of the dripper provide excellent water flow. To prepare delicious coffee you need freshly ground coffee of high quality, a filter, your favourite cup or server and scales.

Put the filter in the dripper and put it on the vessel that you use for serving coffee. The infusion process takes only 3 - 4 minutes.