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KeepCup Brew Cork 340ml

KeepCup Brew Cork 340ml

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KeepCup Brew Cork is a series of reusable cups made of hard glass with a cork band.

Capacity 340ml

KeepCups are reusable ecological cups which delight with their amazing design. They are lightweight, perfect to hold in your hand, made of glass and durable, non-toxic plastic. The unique design and diverse colour range make you stand out from the crowd. Decide what colour suits you and enjoy the taste of your tea or coffee in your favourite cup. KeepCup is perfect if you are often in a rush and drink coffee on the go. Remember that KeepCup is neither vacuum insulated, nor leakproof - the idea of this Australian company was to create an ecological alternative for a paper cup.

Using KeepCup you affect the environment less every day. An interesting fact is that to create a single KeepCup you need the amount of material that would have been used to produce 20 disposable cups. All over the world, every minute, about a million disposable cups get to the landfill. Unlike KeepCup, many of them cannot be recycled. Solve this problem - choose KeepCup!

KeepCup with a cork band is neither dishwasher-safe nor microwave-safe.
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