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MHW-3Bomber - Gimme French Press 450ml

MHW-3Bomber - Gimme French Press 450ml

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Introducing the Gimme French Press - Brewing Simplicity at Its Best

Gimme French Press. Designed for simplicity and flavour, it offers a delightful way to savour the rich aroma and taste of your favorite coffee.


Key Features:

Simple Extraction Method: Brewing your morning coffee has never been this easy. With our Gimme French Press, the process is straightforward. Simply press and lift to start your extraction journey.

Transparent Glass: Watch coffee magic unfold through the transparent glass. Witness the mesmerizing coffee bloom as your grounds and hot water interact, creating a sensory experience that adds depth to your coffee ritual.

Pour and Enjoy: After the press, it's time to pour and indulge in your freshly brewed coffee. Each sip is a moment to savor, creating memories that linger with every cup.

A Cup of Coffee, a Time of Memory: Coffee is more than a beverage; it's a memory in every cup. The Gimme French Press is your trusted companion in creating those cherished moments.


  1. Materials: SUS304 Stainless Steel, PP (Polypropylene), Silica Gel, Glass
  2. Colors: Black / White
  3. Weight: 300g
  4. Capacity: 450ml (15oz)

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