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MHW-3Bomber - Measuring Bowl 200ml - Black

MHW-3Bomber - Measuring Bowl 200ml - Black

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MWH-3Bomber - Measuring Bowl 200ml - Black

This expertly crafted cupping bowl boasts a sleek, minimalist design with a 200ml capacity, ideal for professional cupping sessions or personal coffee exploration. The bowl's white or black ceramic finish complements any coffee setup, while the slanted rim and perfect ratio of dry powder to water surface area allow for optimal aroma release and appreciation.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Capacity: 200ml - ideal for cupping sessions or single-serve pour-over.
  2. Material: Ceramic - available in white or black for a stylish aesthetic.
  3. Slanted Rim & Perfect Ratio: Enhances aroma release and appreciation.
  4. Multi-Purpose: Perfect for cupping, pour-over, or creamer use.

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