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MHW-3Bomber - Milk Pitcher 5.0 600ml

MHW-3Bomber - Milk Pitcher 5.0 600ml

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MWH-3Bomber - Milk Pitcher 5.0 600ml

  1. Unique Design Concept: Metal milk foamer cup with a unique crocodile cylinder mouth design and double-curved guidance grooves(Appearance has been patented). Making cappuccino or latte simpler for you.
  2. Crocodile Spout and a Double Diversion Trench: The milk is released in plenty and making the second period of oscillation simpler by the front and back double-arced diversion trench of the frothing pitcher spout. The swing lines are more distinct thanks to the unique crocodile spout design, and you may create more pattern you like.
  3. Superior and Secure Materials: The body of the frothing pitcher is completely smooth, with no signs of mechanical welding, making it incredibly smooth and attractive. The espresso steaming pitcher is made of premium austenitic 304 stainless steel. Even if you use this frothing pitcher for a number of years, we guarantee that it won't corrode.
  4. Ergonomic Handle: The coffee steam pitcher's handle has been smoothly polished, with the right thickness and width, making it excellent for using as pen holding, horizontal holding, among other cylinder-holding techniques. During use, it provides comfort and lessens tiredness.
  5. Guaranteed Service for MHW-3BOMBER: Whether you enjoy coffee or work as a professional barista, MHW-3BOMBER is a great option if you want to guarantee the high quality and a positive user experience of barista tools and accessories.

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