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MHW-3Bomber - Ultra-thin Distributor 51mm Universal - Four Oars

MHW-3Bomber - Ultra-thin Distributor 51mm Universal - Four Oars

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The MHW3-Bomber Ultra Thin Distributor boasts a meticulously crafted design tailored for specific portafilter sizes. Its ultra-thin profile allows for effortless access into deep portafilters, eliminating the risk of disturbing the coffee bed. Four strategically placed "oars" gently rotate and distribute coffee grounds evenly throughout the basket, eliminating channeling and ensuring optimal water flow. This translates to richer, more balanced espresso extractions or consistent and flavorful pour-over brews.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Ultra-Thin Design: Ensures effortless access into deep portafilters (51mm, 53mm or 58mm depending on the model).
  2. Four Precision "Oars": Evenly distribute coffee grounds for optimal extraction.
  3. Adjustable Height (on some models): Perfect fit for various portafilter baskets.
  4. Sleek Stainless Steel Design: Complements any coffee setup.
  5. Lightweight Construction: Minimizes hand strain during use.
  6. Multi-Purpose: Useful for espresso and pour-over coffee brewing.

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