Barista Space Needle Distribution Tool


Barista Space Needle Distribution Tool

- Coffee tamper with Needles.
- Handle : Hard-anodized aluminum handle.
- Base: 58MM in diameter.
- Net weight: 350g

53mm coffee needle tamper with aluminium handle (8 needles)

Barista Space Needle Distribution Tool 51mm - Silver (Delonghi)

Easily dispense lumps of ground coffee , Effectively improve the spatter problem caused by the agglomeration of fine powder or produce channel effects , etc. Optimize extraction

304 Stainless Steel : Strictly selected materials anticorrosion and rust-proof.

LONG AND THIN NEEDLE, WIDE STIRRING AREA :8pcs 0.8mm thick needles for better distributing.

Not easy slip off: Thick and Stable. Steady Mixing.

Not easy to slip out of hand solid and stable.

Reduce channeling issue - Before use this wdt tool, a funnel placed above the port filter helps prevent spills. The stirring action breaks up any clumps and evens out the density of coffee within the puck. 

Great gift idea for home barista- This coffee stirring distribution tool is a great gift for owners of many brands of espresso machine. It can fit with any size of the protafilter.


Name: Barista Space Needle Distribution Tools

Color: Black/Grey

Material: Stainless Steel 304 + Aluminum

Size: 23mmX106mmX46.5mm

Net Weight :187G

Net Weight : 152G