Crema Pro Coffee Shot Glass

The CREMA PRO shot glass enables you to measure your shots perfectly every time, with measurements in both 30ml and 60ml

Crema Pro 30/60ml Coffee Shot Glass

This durable 30ml and 60ml glass espresso shot glass is ideal for pulling double shots and calibrating your grinder and espresso coffee machine. These commercial measuring cups have been designed to be durable barista glasses accurate measurements to within +/- 5%

A common question is how to use measuring cups, and it really is quote simple. A starting measurement is to extract 30ml in 30 seconds, however this will depend on the roast profile of the beans and your chosen recipe.

Another common form of dialling in the grinder is with the use of scales for weighing in ground coffee versus weighting out the resulting espresso coffee, with a common starting point being 2:1 so if you are using 20g of ground coffee you would want a 40g espresso. And finally another method is with the use of a refractometer, however using a measuring cup set still remains the simplest of methods.
What's in the box?

  • 1 x Coffeeparts Measured 30/60ml Espresso Glass Cup

Measuring Cup Specifications

  • Clear markers at 30ml (1oz) and 60ml (2oz)

Measuring Cup Features

  • Nice large opening easily fit 2 spouts
  • Ideal for 1 or 2 measurements of espresso
  • Dishwasher Safe