SOLIS Barista Perfetta Plus Coffee Maker

SOLIS Barista Perfetta Plus Silver (Type 1170)
SOLIS Barista Perfetta Plus Black (Type 1170)
SOLIS Barista Perfetta Plus Red (Type 1170)
    • The Barista Perfetta Plus delivers barista-quality coffee and fits in even the smallest kitchen
    • The pre-brew function generates a perfect aroma and the extraction pressure can be easily controlled using the pressure gauge. So you can make your favourite coffee in an instant and also indulge discerning guests in style.
    • The electronic water temperature control system (PID) ensures that your coffee is always brewed at just the right temperature. So there is no risk of your coffee being scalding hot and your espresso will always meet the highest aroma and quality requirements.
      • Material: Combination
      • Capacity: 1.7 Liter
      • Warranty: 1 year
      • Wattage: 1700 watts