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الكوب المثالي بجودة المقهى على بعد لمسة واحدة فقط مع Breville Barista Touch - ما عليك سوى التمرير عبر قائمة الشاشة التي تعمل باللمس لتحديد مشروب القهوة المفضل لديك. يخلق التركيب التلقائي للحليب رغوة مثالية لللاتيه ، والأبيض المسطح والكابتشينو ومع عدم وجود وقت للتسخين ، لا داعي للانتظار بين تخمير القهوة ورغوة الحليب

تتيح لك شاشة اللمس الملونة سهلة الاستخدام التمرير عبر الخيارات لتحديد المشروبات.

تشمل القائمة إسبرسو وأمريكانو ولاتيه وأبيض فلات وكابتشينو بالإضافة إلى خيار إضافة 8 مشروبات مخصصة.

تختمر كوبًا أو كوبين في المرة الواحدة.

اضبط حجم اللقطة وقوام الحليب ودرجة حرارة الحليب ، ثم احفظ مجموعة الإعدادات كمفضلة.

قوام تلقائي للحليب بدون استخدام اليدين بناءً على درجة الحرارة والأسلوب المحدد ، من لاتيه حريري إلى كابتشينو كريمي.

يصل نظام التسخين المبتكر إلى درجة حرارة التخمير المثالية في 3 ثوانٍ فقط.

ترشدك البرامج التعليمية التي تظهر على الشاشة خلال كل خطوة.

قادوس حبوب مع مطحنة مخروطية مدمجة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ.

توفر جرعات الطحن الأوتوماتيكية كمية مثالية من القهوة لمرشح القهوة عند الطلب ، وجاهزة للدك والتشذيب.

أداة Razor ™ الحاصلة على براءة اختراع تقلل من حجم القرص إلى المستوى المثالي للجرعات الدقيقة والاستخراج المتسق

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    Amna A.
    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    I recommend this product

    Great customer service and products !

    The perfect blend!

    We purchase the Breville Barista Touch just over a month ago and we dont how we previously lived without it! The machine is beautiful and the quality of the coffee she produces is second to none! We were able to select our own settings and save these to achieve the perfect blend of coffee each time! The settings are extremely self explanatory and the machine is very user friendly!

    Excellent Coffee Machine

    I bought and tried Delonghi automatic coffee machine, Nespresso capsule coffee machine, the last one is Breville Barista Touch, it's just like commercial barista coffee machine, but smaller, very easy to use and clean, the automatic milk frother is fantastic, I just place a milk jar with milk into the machine, use touch screen to choose temperature and thickness, then press the start button, the foamed milk is done around 30 seconds without moving my fingers. It came with a coffee bur grinder, how coarse or fine for beans all up to you. Great coffee machine. Con: the dispenser area needs a led light, can't see the amount of coffee properly.

    Sayed M.
    Early days but wow.

    After battling JURA on what was simply an awful overpriced machine that couldn't perform the simple task of making coffee (seriously my old $80 Aldi capsule machine from 8 years ago was far superior) I went back to the retailer and organised an exchange for a totally different brand and went with this Breville. I've been on the hunt for the right coffee machine for me for years now and so far this is it. I had also considered DeLonghi but had one of their Nespresso Latissima's before the Jura which really put me off looking at them again when I decided to move up from a capsule machine (again not as good as the Aldi one) it worked well but the plastic bits started falling off after 6 months and they nor Nespresso seemed very invested in any after service. I also found Nespresso's capsule business model and need to be in a club with no customer benefits other than selling on your information just so over engineered and complicated for the simple task of buying coffee I had to move on. I've had a few Breville appliances over the years and never had an issue. I replaced a lid on my long standing multi chef after about 8 years of continual use and found service was easy, friendly and very reasonably priced. I've also noticed that unlike others, if people report a problem Breville at least seem to monitor their boards and give customers the courtesy of a response. After the appalling after service from other brands in decades gone by for a simple service or part replacement looking at this is actually quite an important consideration for me these days when choosing new appliances. I've had this Barista Touch a few days and this is actually more user friendly, easier to use and keep clean than the supposedly fully automatic JURA. I've not even bothered as yet to change the factory standard settings. The brew and milk froth is perfection. The touch screen selections and demos are really well done. Excellent footprint if you have limited bench space, looks great and even the design of the water tank, little tool box and drip tray just seems to me to be so thoughtfully designed and it feels like a really sturdy quality built machine. The cleaning tools are perfectly compatible and it seems to line up exactly as it should to move from grind to brew to milk froth. Best of all the coffee is amazing and it makes me realise just how horrendous that more expensive Jura was - I simply can not believe that these are in the same price point range because there is just no comparison or competition, this one wins hands down. I only hope this machine delivers to this standard without any issues for years to come.

    Love great coffee

    We purchased this coffee machine because we love good quality coffee that’s easy to replicate every time. We read the great reviews & thought it was too good to be true but after following the easy steps to calibrate this machine we are blown away with the ease of producing great coffee every time.... so glad we purchased this product. :)

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